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About Us

About Soul Treat

Soul Treat is all about treating your soul with healthy cakes, bakes and desserts! For last 7+ years, we have strived hard to create a range of cakes, bakes, cookies, donuts and desserts that are not only healthy and nutritious, but a feast for the mouth as well as the eyes! Soul Treat is a pure vegetarian baking studio offering online orders and door-step delivery of wholesome and 100% eggless cakes and bakes in Bangalore

Soul Treat has been founded and is run by a passionate baker, Nikita Narang! Nikita puts complete commitment and creativity to make every product so divine that it touches your soul! That's why she calls her products also as "wholesome bite of heaven". She loves to make your celebrations special with her special healthy cakes!

About our products

You will find two specialities in all our products, which are rare to find in other cake shops or bakeries:

  • Every product is 100% eggless as we are a pure vegetarian cake shop.
  • Every product is healthier than their regular equivalents available in the market



Our cakes and cupcakes are made with 100% whole-wheat (atta) instead of refined flour (maida) and with olive oil instead of butter. You can relish them despite any food restrictions you might have, as we bake different types of cakes: 100% whole-wheat (atta) cakes, vegan cakes, gluten-free cakes, sugar-free cakes, and organic cakes. One of our specialty is what we call as Anytime cakes, which are also known as tea-time cakes or dry cakes. You do not need an occasion to relish our anytime cakes. They are super healthy and have no cream. You can have them anytime - at breakfast or with tea or as evening healthy snack. We provide different sizes: cake slices, cupcakes, mini Cakes, family cakes. You are missing something, if you have not tasted some of our signature flavours such as nutty nuttier dry fruit cake, dates & walnut cake, banana walnut cake, vanilla chocolate marble cake, Vanilla Choco Chip Cake ... and list continue to 150+ flavours. We also make cakes in different shapes and styles: muffins, cakes in the jar, cake pops, cake push pops.

Healthy Cakes


We are known for offering a wide flavour of delicious cakes. For chocolate lovers: black forest cake, chocolate truffle cake, chocolate tiramisu cake, chocolate oreo cake; exotic fruit cakes: vanilla strawberry cake, chocolate blueberry cake, mix berries cake, pineapple cake, kiwi cake, mango cake, plum cake, Christmas fruit cake; healthy cakes with nuts: chocolate almond cake, mango cashew cake, coffee walnut cake; fusion cakes: gulabjamun cake, rasgulla cake, rasmalai cake, meetha paan cake. You can choose cake base as per your choice: chocolate cake, red velvet cake, vanilla cake!

You can order customized cakes online in Bangalore for all occasions: birthday cake, anniversary cake, baby shower cake, half birthday cake, Father's Day cake, Mother's Day cake, valentine special cakes or other festive occasions. We also provide premium cakes for special occasion such as weddings or engagements. You can customize our designer theme cakes they way you like: love & heart cakes, animal, jungle or Disney theme cakes, water & fish theme cakes, sports theme cakes (cricket cake, football cake, soccer cake, tennis cake), personality or hobby theme cakes (makeup, travel, cooking), superheroes theme cakes (spiderman, superman), character theme cakes (minions, barbie doll), photo cake. Just choose the customized cake that you want, and we will do home delivery to your special ones.


Our cookies are made with whole-wheat and many of our cookies have mixture of healthy grains such as ragi, jowar, oats! We do not use maida at all! Whether you like your cookies crunchy & crumbly, or soft & chewy, or gooey & mouth melting, we have all of those! We have committed a lot of effort and time to get you the prefect flavours and textures in our cookies. You can relish that in the way you like: crunch of roasted peanuts in our Peanut Butter Atta Cookies, memories of childhood in mouth melting Nankhatai Cookies, richness of butter & chocolate in Butter Choco Chip Cookies, stimulating flavour of coffee with health of walnuts & ragi in Coffee Walnut Ragi Cookies, and many more. If you are allergic to gluten, we have gluten free cookies, if you are on diet, we have keto friendly cookies, if you do not have a sweet tooth, we have salted cookies for you!

cookies collage


Donuts or Doughnuts that you get in market are lip-smacking, but at the same time made from maid and deep fried in oil, which makes them not preferred by health conscious. We make even donuts healthier! Soul Treat donuts are baked and not fried (NO-Fry). Like our cakes, they are also made with 100% whole-wheat and olive oil. Outer coating is done with chocolates. No cream, no wet icing, no sugar glaze. Just have them guilt-free! Choose vanilla or chocolate flavours. While we provide classic flavour such as Chocolate Choco Chip Baked Donut, White Forest Baked Donut, at the same time, we also give you donuts and sweets fusion such as Vanilla Gulab Jamun Baked Donut, Strawberry Rasgulla Baked Donut or Rasmalai Baked Donut.


And we do not stop there. We have desserts such as sugar-free laddus, exotic puddings, royal flavoured kheers. Our laddus are healthy and made with nutritious rich ingredients with no added sugar. No Maida! No Atta! No Sugar! No Jaggery! No Stevia! No Brown Sugar! No Maple Syrup! No Sweetener! No Dairy! No Butter! No Oil! But Perfect Taste. You have lot of options to choose from: Pure Almond Flour Dry Fruits Laddu (keto friendly), Granola Muesli Dry Fruits Laddu, Dates Anjeer Dry fruit Laddu, Flaxseeds Peanut Sesame Laddu, Oats Makhana Laddu, Oats Dates Dry Fruit Laddu.

We care about your food freedom

And we are not only providing healthy cakes, we are giving food freedom to conscious foodies with different types of cakes: Whole-wheat cakes, Organic cakes, Vegan cakes, Gluten-free cakes, Sugar-free cakes.

  • whole wheat
  • organic
  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • sugar free
  • Freedom for Health conscious
    • With whole-wheat, olive oil, & jaggery based cakes
    • NO Maida, NO Butter, No Cream
  • Freedom for Vegetarian & Animal friendly
    • All our cakes are 100% eggless
    • With Vegan cakes
  • Freedom for Diabetic
    • With sugar-free cakes
  • For Allergic
    • With gluten-free cakes
  • For Environment friendly
    • With Organic cakes

You can rely on us for best sugar-free cakes, best gluten-free cakes, best vegan cakes in Bangalore!

Our Purpose

We are purpose driven and our purpose is simple: "Bring smiles to people through our healthy and wholesome products". Every cake or product we make, we start with the following prayers

  • May this product bring smiles to everyone who eats it and also to their family and friends
  • May this product make their celebration the most enjoyable celebration
  • May this product create many more opportunities for them to celebrate


Story Behind Soul Treat - Nikita Narang

"Thoughts turn into action and action into habit, habit shapes character and character creates destiny".
This in short is the story of a nutrition conscious recipe that baked into delicious wholesomeness, which is almost rewriting what healthy snacks and desserts are all about. This idea motivated Nikita Narang, a qualified business graduate and a successful corporate career woman, to turn into a baker. She is the founder and owner of Soul Treat, which is a registered trademark of Narang Delicacies Private Limited OPC. Nikita created and innovated this completely new range of healthy cakes and cookies! She always relished quality cakes. But, for some time, when she was on a strict diet and was not allowed to eat anything made from maida (refined flour), she really missed cakes! Because all cakes, whether baked in a five-star hotel's bakery or that available in local neighbourhood cake shop; all are made from fats and cholesterol rich ingredients: refined flour, butter, margarine, cream, sugar.

Story Behind Soul Treat - Nikita Narang
Story Behind Soul Treat - Nikita Narang

And then, the old proverb "Necessity is the mother of invention" proved itself once again. Out of her need to have healthy dessert, she started playing with hard grains like whole-wheat, oats, ragi (finger-millet). What started just as a hobby and home experiment, is now a well-established genre of cakes known as "healthy cakes" or "whole-wheat, olive oil cakes". That's how Nikita, who was a leading professional in the insurance industry, turned into a speciality baker. It was in early months of 2014 when she started experimenting with the idea of healthy cakes, which was launched in Sept 2014 under the brand Healthy Creations. As Nikita is passionate about making every cake so divine that it touches your soul, she re-branded Healthy Creations as Soul Treat in October 2015. Listen to her story in her own words in this video. It is definitely going to inspire many women's entrepreneurial aspirations.

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