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About Soul Treat

Soul Treat is a wholesome patisserie, where we strive to serve you with cakes that are healthy as well as delicious. Our cakes are made with 100% whole wheat flour instead of Maida (refined white flour). We use healthy oils (olive oil and rice bran oil) instead of calorie loaded butter or fats loaded margarine. We do icing with chocolate and avoid the heavy cream icing. We are 100% vegetarian bakery and all cakes are 100% eggless.

Soul Treat is run by a passionate baker, Nikita Sanjay Narang! Nikita puts complete commitment and creativity to make every cake so divine that it touches your soul! That's why she calls her cakes also as 'wholesome bite of heaven'. She loves to make your celebrations special with her special healthy cakes!

We care about your food freedom

And we are not only providing healthy cakes, we are giving food freedom to conscious foodies with different types of cakes: Whole-wheat cakes, Organic cakes, Vegan cakes, Gluten-free cakes, Sugar-free cakes.

  • Freedom for Health conscious
    • With whole-wheat, olive oil, & jaggery based cakes
    • NO Maida, NO Butter, No Cream
  • Freedom for Vegetarian & Animal friendly
    • All our cakes are 100% eggless
    • With Vegan cakes
  • Freedom for Diabetic
    • With sugar-free cakes
  • For Allergic
    • With gluten-free cakes
  • For Environment friendly
    • With Organic cakes

Guilt Free Pleasure with 150+ flavors

While there is No Maida, No Butter, No Margarine, No Eggs in our cakes, still there is NO compromise in the taste. The wide spectrum of cakes includes simple nutty, chocolate & vanilla cakes to velvet & chiffon cakes, dates & mango-peach cakes ... just to name a few. The innovative blends like a desi kaju katli cake, boondi ladoo cake, mawa cake or meetha paan cake provide the perfect fusion of traditional Indian sweets in cakes. We provide 150+ flavors of cakes across these categories: chocolate decadence, berries N cherries wisdom, versatile vanilla, nuts and crunch melodies, juicy fruity fruits, veggies platter, fusion everytime cakes, wine & rum cakes. That’s the reason, we also call our cakes as ‘guilt-free pleasure’. To see the whole range of our healthy cakes, click ‘Healthy Menu’


The story behind Soul Treat ... founder Nikita Sanjay Narang

Nikita created and innovated this complete new range of healthy cakes! She always relished quality cakes. But, for some time, when she was on a strict diet and was not allowed to eat anything made from maida (refined flour), she really missed cakes! Because all cakes, whether baked in a five-star hotel's bakery or that available in local neighbourhood bakery; all are made from fats and cholesterol rich ingredients: refined flour, butter, margarine, cream, sugar.

And then, the old proverb "Necessity is the mother of invention" proved itself once again. Out of her need to have healthy dessert, she started playing with hard grains like whole-wheat, oats, ragi (finger-millet). What started just as a hobby and home experiment, is now a well-established genre of cakes known as 'healthy cakes' or 'whole-wheat, olive oil cakes'. That's how Nikita, who was a leading professional in the insurance industry, turned into a speciality baker.

It’s was early months of 2014 when she started experimenting with the idea of healthy cakes, which was launched in Sept 2014 under the brand Healthy Creations. As Nikita is passionate about making every cake so divine that it touches your soul, she re-branded Healthy Creations as Soul Treat in October 2015.

Both Healthy Creations and Soul Treat are brands and trademarks of the registered company ‘Narang Delicacies Private Limited (OPC)

Thank you for your love

When we started, we never imagined that we’ll get so much love from our customers. Very soon after getting launched, we became one of the top-rated bakeries in Bangalore in Zomato. We have been fortunate to get so many loving reviews

Every review made us feel blessed and gave us strength and encouragement to innovate more. Lines like below are pure inspiration to keep serving healthier and tastier cakes

Soul treat and Nikita are the best thing that happened to my little one. My son who has lactose allergy, I never thought he would ever got a chance to taste a cake. I was super worried as his first birthday was approaching and I could find anything. That's when i read about soul treat and their vegan cakes speciality. Nikita came out to be exceptionally talented on the subject and recommended options that are best suited for kids. If not for soul treat my kid could never got a taste of cake or cookies. Thanks a lot Nikita for making this happen All the best by Kriti Juneja

We got 5KG cake with 6 Tire strawberry, choco & Vanilla delight..Cakes from soul treats are nothing but cakes from Heaven..After getting 5kgs of cake it was not............ enoughPeople asking for more..........They were yummy, healthy and very juicy....Could not believe that pure chocolates icing could taste better than cream.... Thank You NiKiTa by Manish Choudhary

The 100% eggless & whole wheat blueberry cake was a absolute delight with right balance of flavors that melted in the mouth. With no trace of maida ,margarine or butter, this health-friendly offering made our occasion even more special by Nitin Hajela (TheFoodieTales.com)

Me being a vegan and trying to go gluten free Soul treat proved to be the perfect option. have never imagined a gluten free cake can be soo moist and soft...thanks Nikita... by Amulya Sharma

The love and care that goes into baking was reflected in the presentation and the taste. All praises and guilt free eating. The best part is understanding your patrons' requirements and delivering as promised by Pooja Drubra Chawla

She understood my idea and executed my idea beautifully in a short span of time . I was delighted to see the result, that i could get a 3d cake in 1 kg also and it was very fresh. Positives of buying cake from here are:- cakes are fresh, the place is clean, they put their whole heart to the order and deliver your order in the best manner by Isha Chatwal

I am a huge cake fan and i was so depressed when i stopped eating egg since most of the cakes are made with egg. The eggless cakes i had so far was not so delicious. I must say I'm in love with the cakes made by Soul treat, they are so yummy by Debbie George

I was not too sure that organic cakes can give a run for its money compared to pastries. But I was wrong because I got blown away by the taste. The cakes taste amazingly good and make you crave for more by Zico Mendes

I wouldn't have found anything better than soul treat to treat my brothers taste buds this rakhi. He being a health freak wanted something real healthy yet tasty and my search ended with soul treat. I'm glad to have called Nikita and booking order with her by Bhagya Bist Sharma

I have been knowing about Nikithaji,I ve heard a plenty from around but it was on my wedding anniversary that I decided to try it out myself . With no big expectation I had ordered for a Chocolate cherry wine cake which turned out to be eternal bliss. Never have I tasted such an exotic delicacy which comes with a health quotient . The guests simply loved it and the kids enjoyed eating those edible charms on the cake. Taste is never compromised even to the smallest of bead she adds to the cake Nikitha ji Your are a blessed soul May God give u all it takes to keep d magic going.. Thank you very much :) :) :) by Arthi Jayaraj

As someone who is a fitness freak these cakes are a guilt free way of sinning every once in a while - by Anuj Bugga

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